Village Mapping for Cultural Revitalisation

Data collection for GIS mapping of rural villages is important as a baseline for Regional Planning as well as getting local information and the involvement of the rural people in the process. In this vision, groups such as the youth and women can learn how to collect data and enter it into a GIS programme. More importantly, these groups will be able to discover and record much more than places, they will be able to find the stories, songs and legends of their villages, the sacred and special places, the particular crafts and arts. They will also be able to present and record all this information via dramas, poems and pageants. Subsequently information can be presented not only via a GIS map by projecting it on the temple wall or a massive poster for everyone to see but also amidst a gala gathering with performances and pujas or whatever they think would be enjoyable for their fellow villagers. Hopefully some of the villagers will find they were good at this and carry on to help neighbouring villages in a similar process. As it moves from village to village, gradually more local people will become involved who can motivate others for the collection of data and entering it into a GIS as well as stimulating the re-telling of village stories and recoding them using modern media, stage plays and functions to bring village people together around their own heritage.

[picture of Rayapettai village map]

Download Rayapettai Village Poster Map English version in pdf format

Download Rayapettai Village Poster Map Tamil version in pdf format