Payao Mapping in Municipal Waters to Protect Local Fisherman Livelihoods

In Dilisag municipality on the western side of Luzon Island local fisherman were concerned large payaos (fish attracting devices made of palm fronds) were being placed by visiting fisherman within 15 kilometres of their coastline. The Philippine government in order to protect local fisherman livelihoods had recently passed a law whereby only local fisherman were allowed to set up payaos within the 15 kilometre municipal water boundary limit. The local fisherman, not having access to maps or mapping technology, could not determine the location of existing payaos in relation to the municipal water boundary and therefore their legality. With the aid of maps, GPS technology and a series of workshops teaching local fisherman basic compass usage and triangulation, the location and legality of existing payaos in the region was determined and mapped. This information and the mapping workshops empowered the local fisherman to self regulate payaos in their area and therefore protect their livelihood.

[picture of Payao Locations in Dilisag Waters map]

Download Map of Payao Locations in Dilisag Waters in pdf format